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CBS Reporter Hacked by Government


Former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson alleged that both her personal and work computers had been "hacked" by someone in the government. Determination: Real

Sharyl Attkisson appeared on the Bill O'Reilly program on November 3, 2014 and told the independent commentator that "she received inside information from government-connected sources that she had been hacked." Attkisson told O'Reilly that a computer forensics expert looked at her computers and determined "that sophisticated intrusions had taken place, and the proprietary software on her computers was a type used by either the FBI, CIA, DIA or NSA." CBS later hired other experts who "confirmed both the extent and sophistication of the hacking."

Attkisson, who worked for CBS News for 20 plus years as a reporter,  told O'Reilly that she has team of experts investigating who is behind the invasion and the crew will post findings here as soon as they are made public.

Posted 11/05/14

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