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U.S. Postal Service Issues a 2016 Muslim Holiday Stamp


Viral emails and social media posts alleging that the U.S. Government has released postage stamps commemorating EIDS, two Muslim holidays. Determination: Real

EID stamp 

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) releases EID stamps every year just before the season where Muslims in the U.S. begin to celebrate Ramadan.

According to the USPS website, "The new 2016 Eid stamp is blue with gold calligraphy in Arabic that features a traditional Eid greeting: May your Eid be blessed." The stamps were designed by world-renowned calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya of Arlington, Virginia.  

There are other stamps available from other sources but they are not USPS issue. These stamps include a USPS issue barcode and companies like Zazzle offer them on the Internet. People can visit the website and customize their postage stamps.

Zazzle EID stamp 

Some of the emails blame President Obama for a poor decision of allowing these stamps into circulation but these stamps began being issued by the USPS long before Obama was elected President.

Posted 06/14/16

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