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Sheriff’s Deputy Who Visited Ebola Patient's Apartment is Suspected of Having Ebola


Rumors that a Frisco Sheriff's Deputy who visited Thomas Eric Duncan, America's first Ebola patient, is suspected of contracting Ebola. Determination: Hoax 

According to an October 8, 2014 article by the Dallas Morning News, Frisco spokesperson told reporters that the "chances are small that the sheriff’s deputy who fell ill after visiting Thomas Eric Duncan’s apartment last week has Ebola." 

The article said a spokesperson from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that the deputy is not showing any symptoms that is considered typical of the disease, therefore doubting that that this is a case of Ebola.

Mark Piland, Chief with the Frisco Fire Department told reporters that the deputy was not among those who had direct and indirect contact with Duncan, Those who did have contact with Duncan "are being monitored closely, and health officials are treating this 'as a low-risk event.'”

Duncan began feeling ill on September 24th, four days after arriving in Dallas. According to an October 2, 2014 article by Fox News, on the evening of the 25th Duncan went to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas where he was treated for "a low-grade fever and abdominal pain." Duncan informed the nurse checking him that he had been in Africa. Somehow that information did not make it to those treating him and the hospital released Duncan with painkillers and antibiotics.  His condition worsened and he returned to the hospital on September 28. It was at that point the Ebola patient was isolated.

On the morning of October 8, hospital officials announced that Thomas Eric Duncan had died from Ebola.

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