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Hillary Clinton's Qualifications for POTUS?


Viral graphic post on social media questioning the qualifications of Hillary Clinton for the office of President. The post alleges that 4 lives were lost and 400 surface to air missiles were stolen during the attack on the Benghazi U.S. Consulate facility under her watch as Secretary of State. Clinton attributed a lack of funding to the rejection of requests for more security of U.S. facilities in Libya. The post alleged that 400 surface to air missiles were stolen during the attack and that the State Department also misplaced $6 Billion. Determination: Real

Hillary Clinton Qualifications

The allegations in the post are real.


Four dead in the Benghazi attack-

The four deaths were U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, who were killed in the first attack. Several hours later there was a second attack where CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty perished.


Lack of funding blamed for rejections of request for tighter security-

Ambassador Christopher Stevens sent numerous request for more security to the State Department. The requests were not only denied but security was decreased.

In an Journal Sentinel opinion article penned by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) wrote, "The State Department not only failed to honor repeated requests for additional security, but instead actually reduced security in Libya. Although no one can say with certainty, I firmly believe a relatively small contingent of armed military guards would have prevented the attack, and those four lives would not have been lost."

The statement was fact checked by the Tampa Bay Times, who wrote, "Is Johnson right -- that before the attacks, the State Department "failed to honor repeated requests for additional security" and "actually reduced security in Libya?"

The State Department released a 39 page report on the incident and cited there were some upgrades to the Benghazi compound security, but these upgrades were not funded by the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations because it was a "temporary" facility. The State Department used "non-traditional funding streams to fund physical security upgrades."


400 surface to air missiles stolen during the attack-

On August 12, 2013 the Daily Mail reported, "Four hundred American surface-to-air missiles were 'taken from Libya' during the terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi." This was also reported by Newsmax. Both articles cited the source of the report was a whistle blower.


The State Department misplaced $6 Billion in funds-

According to an Apr. 4, 2014 article by the Washington Times, "[the] State Department misplaced and lost some $6 billion due to the improper filing of contracts during the past six years, mainly during the tenure of former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, according to a newly released Inspector General (IG) report." The IG report cited a "significant financial risk and demonstrates a lack of internal control over the Departmentís contract actions."



Posted 02/25/16

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