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Atheist Prayer Opens Lake Worth, Florida Town Council Meeting


Viral video that showed a town council meeting being opened with an invocation to "Mother Earth" by an atheist. Shortly before the ceremony the mayor and several members of the town council stepped out of the room. Determination: Real

The video is real, according to a December 9, 2014 article by the Sun Sentinel that said "an atheist named Preston Smith was allowed to give the invocation." Mayor Pam Triolo was among the 5 commissioners who walked out of the room.

Triolo later told the local NBC News affiliate, WPTV-5, that her reason for walking out before Smith's invocation was because of offensive comments on Twitter he allegedly posted last July.  Triolo said, "I didn't leave because he's an atheist, I left because of his alleged Tweet."  She added, "Free speech works both ways. You can say what you want, and I can choose to leave."


We found the video posted on YouTube:


Posted 12/10/14

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