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Michelle Obama Eying Dianne Feinstein's Senate Seat in 2018


Rumors have gone viral on the Web alleging that California Senator Dianne Feinstein plans to retire from politics in 2018 and that Michelle Obama has desires on her vacant seat. Determination: Unproven

The crew has found no evidence of this being real.

In a October 2014 interview, CNN reporter Candy Crowley asked Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) about rumors of her retirement and a 2018 senate run by Michelle Obama. I have no idea what Im going to be doing in 2018," Feinstein told Crowley, and added, Im flattered if that should be true. The 81 year old lawmaker from California confessed that she doubted the rumor to be true.

There were rumors in 2014 that the Obamas had planned to purchase a $4.2 million home in Rancho Mirage but the White House denied the allegations, according to a July 22, 2014 article by the Los Angeles Fox News affiliate. Such a purchase would entitle Michelle Obama to residential status if they were move in and occupy the home.

In a related news story, on January 8, 2015 Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) announced that she does not plan to see re-election in 2016. The Democratic Party has not announced any candidates who might wish to run for this vacant office.

Posted 01/09/15

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