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Muslims Harvesting Organs from Christian Victims


Allegations that Serbian Christians are being systematically slaughtered in horrific ways by Muslims and their organs are being harvested. Determination:  Under Investigation

This may have been going on for some time, according to an April 11, 2008 article by Britain's Guardian.

Carla Del Ponte, the former chief prosecutor for war crimes in what used to be Yugoslavia, has written a tell all book alleging the trade of  human body parts in Kosovo and Albania after Nato bombed Serbia in 1999.

In her book, In the book, Del Ponte wrote "that her investigators visited a house in the remote mountainous region outside Burrel, Albania, which was allegedly being used as an impromptu clinic for the butchering of 300 young Serbs captured by the Kosovo Liberation Army and transported in lorries across the border from Kosovo to Albania. According to witnesses - including one who said he had driven some of the organs to Tirana airport, and a team of unnamed journalists who investigated the allegations - the victims had their kidneys removed before being killed later and having other organs taken. "

The crew found similar allegations in a November 3, 2014 article on the website of Theodore Shoebat, who said, "Muslim Albanians in Kosovo are capturing Christians, dissecting them alive, tearing out their organs, killing the victims, and then selling the organs to Saudi Arabia and Turkey."

Witnesses claimed that victims were alive while their organs were being removed. The article said that "Muslims capture Christians, take them to slaughterhouses, dissect them while they are still alive, rip their organs out, kill them, and then sell their organs to Turkey and Saudi Arabia ." 

Shoebat, a Christian veteran Special Forces officer in Serbia, told reporters that Serbs in Kosovo, as well as Albanians, were abducted, tortured and had their organs removed while they were still live. Shoeba said that for the most part it was, “Christian Serbs, young women, and men, and also children” that were slaughtered.

The crew will continue to look into this and if any findings become public we will post them here.

Posted 11/06/14

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