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Ohio High School Opens Muslim Prayer Room
Obama Declares Nationwide Muslim Outreach Program for Schools



President Obama announced the introduction of a new nationwide program to reach out to Muslim in public schools grades K-12.  In observance of this a room was accommodated for Muslims at a high school in Hilliard, Ohio. Determination: Hoax

There is no Nationwide Muslim Outreach Program For Children Grades K-12.  It is a fictitious story from a satire site called National Report that went viral in 2013. A short time afterwards, someone added a false allegation that the Hilliard School District set aside a room for Muslims to meet for daily prayers. A spokesperson for Hilliard schools told reporters that the claim was "completely inaccurate." The F.A.Q. page on the Hilliard City Schools website said, "While Hilliard City Schools celebrates our diversity we do not have any designated program or space for students of any specific religion."

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