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Democrats Gaining Ground on Net Neutrality


Policies over government control of the Internet to be enacted without bipartisanship. Determination: Real

According to a February 25, 2015 article by Newsmax, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was set to vote Thursday on a measure to "regulate Internet service as a public good, applying controls similar to the ones it uses on utilities." 

On February 26, 2015 the FCC voted to pass the measure.

The article said that GOP lawmakers, under the leadership of Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, admitted "that they have no legislative workaround to the Democratic-controlled FCC in the absence of a bipartisan congressional consensus."

In a statement to the press Thune said, "We're not going to get a signed bill that doesn't have Democrats' support."  Media firms Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit, are in full support of imposing FCC regulation that would stop provider companies such as Comcast, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable from imposing higher rates for faster transfer speeds.

Chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission®, Dr. Ted Baehr, released a statement about the recent FCC decision saying, "These new rules will destroy innovation, progress and freedom on the Internet."

Dr. Baehr also said "that the argument that the new regulations are needed to stop big Internet providers from charging consumers high fees is 'bogus' because the new regulations are themselves expected to lead to new government taxes and fees on consumers, not only at the federal level but also at the state level." 

Posted 02/25/15    Updated 02/27/15

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