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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the difference between an iRumor and a conspiracy theory?

A:  iRumors are rumors that circulate on the Internet. They can be about anything. A conspiracy theory is an idea or a set of ideas that explains an incident, event or situation that was plotted and executed in secrecy by a powerful person or group. Many iRumors involving the government can be considered to be conspiracy theories. In both cases, iRumors and conspiracy can either be determined as Real, a Hoax, or Unproven.  In some cases if a conspiracy theory is about an event that has yet to happen, we could determine it as Under Investigation.

Q:  Where do you get your funding?

A:  Our funding for comes from the advertising on the website and subscribers of our alert service.


Q:  Is it true that George Soros is funding rumor sites?

A:  We have not found any evidence that George Soros funds rumor websites. It is no iRumor that  in 2010 he did donate $1 Million to Media Matters.


Q:  If I have a question for your site, how do I get a hold of you?

A:  For questions please contact us at

     If you have a tip to look into please send it to

     If you are with the press please contact us at


Q:  Why do you have very few photos and your pages just black letters on a white background?

A:  We believe that most of our visitors will be on mobile devices. We designed this site to be fast and easy to use, to be read by people on the go.  Visit our site your mobile device and try looking up a few pages.  Take note of how fast you can go from page to page, even on an old 3G iPhone.


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