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Homeowner Forecloses on Bank of America


Viral report that a homeowner was able to foreclose on a Bank of America branch in the Golden Gate Estates section of Collier, County, Fla after the bank ignored their requests for a reimbursement of legal fees. Determination: Real

Bank of America

The reports are real, according to a June 6, 2011 article by CBS news.

The article said Warren and Maureen Nyerges turned the tables on their local Bank of America over a disputed foreclosure notice on their home. The notice was a mistake by the bank because the couple had paid for the house in full, with cash. Never the less, the bank continued with the foreclosure proceedings even after the Nyerges proved that the house was clear of all debts.

CBS reported, "[they] took their case to court and, a year-and-a-half later, the foreclosure action was dropped." The Collier County judge who heard the case ordered Bank of America to pay the Nyerges' $2,534 legal fees.  Almost half a year later the bank had yet to pay up.  "So, the homeowners' lawyer, Todd Allen, began proceedings to did just what a bank would have to get its money: legally seize bank assets."

When the sheriff's deputies with moving vans they presented the bank manager with the court order and began packing up office furniture, computer and even the cash in the teller's drawers.  The intimidation tactic worked and the "Bank of America finally cut a check." CBS reported that none of the bank's property was actually taken.

Video of the "sweet justice" was found on YouTube:



Posted 06/02/16

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