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Batmobile Stolen from Batman Vs. Superman Filming Location In Detroit


Rumors that the Batmobile for the new "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice"  movie was stolen from the filming location in Detroit have gone viral on the Web. Determination: Hoax

According to a September 13, 2014 article by the Detroit Free Press, the "rumored theft of the Batmobile in Detroit appears to be a false alarm."

The Free Press contacted Sgt. Michael Woody, a spokesman for the Detroit Police Department, who told them that the producers of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” confirmed that the vehicle has not been stolen. Woody added, “the Batmobile is safe in the Batcave where it belongs.”

The article said that the alleged theft went viral on the Internet when a comic book website posted the “'scuttlebutt' that one of the Batmobile models had disappeared and was presumed stolen." 


Batmobile Stolen in Detroit

Posted 10/01/14

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