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Doctor Who Actor Peter Capaldi Comforts Bereaved Boy


A viral video allegedly made by Doctor Who actor, Peter Capaldi, lifting up the spirits of an autistic boy who is grieving the loss of his grandmother. Determination: Real

Doctor Who - Peter CapaldiThe BBC confirmed in a November 9, 2014 article, that said the video was made by Peter Capaldi after he got a letter from young Thomas Goodall, of Southampton, who lost his grandmother in October.

The video has gotten over 9,000 views on YouTube and shows the actor giving an uplifting message to Goodall.

Capaldi said, "Thank you very much for your letter. I really enjoyed getting it. "Because you see, when Clara and I are travelling around in time and space, sometimes bad things happen to us. And you know what, Thomas? Sometimes sad things happen to us too. So it's nice to know that there's somebody like you out there who's on our side. And you should know that we're on your side too. So you look after yourself, and take care, and be happy."

Capaldi recently took over the roll of the Doctor, a man who travels through time and space in a blue police box that is bigger on the inside and saves the Earth (and sometimes the universe) repeatedly from disaster and evil doers in the British television series Doctor Who.  The program is the longest running science fiction show on the the planet, having been in syndication since November 22, 1963, and is loved by fans around the world.


Capaldi's video posted on Ross Goodall's YouTube page

Posted 11/11/14

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