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Dick Smith Said "NO" to Halal Requests


Allegations that the Dick Smith stores were being pressured by the Islamic Council of Australia to gain "Halal Certification," under threats of boycotts if the company did not comply. The iRumor said Dick Smith denied the requests calling it an act of "bullying" of large commercial businesses. Determination: Real but portions of the reply were a Hoax

It is true that Dick Smith Foods, an Australian company that sells "Aussie Grown Foods" in the Land Down Under, has received numerous requests for Halal certification on its products. The requests were officially declined in a statement on the company's website saying that it does not want to add any additional expenses to its customers. The company did not issue any statement about weak kneed companies bending to bullying Muslims who extort money from businesses. 

The Crew has determined that someone took a portion of the company's response, editorialized it and released it on the Internet to go viral.

Here is the official company statement:

We have received a number of letters from people asking if we will be putting the Muslim Halal logo on our food.   

To acquire Halal certification, payment is required to the endorsing body and involves a number of site inspections of both our growers and processors in order to ensure that our practices comply with the conditions of Halal certification. It is important to note that this does not reflect the quality of the food being processed or sold Ė it only means that the products are approved as being prepared in accordance with the traditions of the Muslim faith.  

We are aware of an increasing number of large companies both in Australia and overseas, such as Kraft and Cadbury, who have obtained accreditation to use the Halal logo. We donít believe they have done this because of any religious commitment but rather for purely commercial reasons. Perhaps these large organisations can afford to do this. While we have a choice however, we would prefer to avoid unnecessarily increasing the cost of our products in order to pay for Halal accreditation when this money would be better spent continuing to support important charitable causes where assistance is greatly needed.

Dick Smith Halal Warning

Posted 11/05/14

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