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Angry Father Throws Chair at Judge After 'absurdly low' Sentence for Driver who Killed his Daughter


Viral video of an angered father who threw a chair at a judge after she sentenced a speeding driver who lost control of his vehical and killed the man's two-year-old daughter to 60 days in custody and community service. Determination: Real

The video is real, according to a November 21, 2014 article by England's Daily Mirror.

The article said the "driver went off the road in The Netherlands, killing the girl and her 67 and 64-year-old grandparents instantly. A police report said the driver was going at 75mph in a 50mph zone."  The father of the child was so devastated that he "threw a chair at a judge in outrage at the 'lenient' sentence the man."


Dutch Jugde get the chair

Posted 11/23/14

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