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Ferguson Protesters Proposed Rules of Engagement


In anticipation of demonstrations after the Grand Jury reaches its decision on the shooting of Michael Brown community organizers present Ferguson Police Department Determination: Real

According to a November 11, 2014 article by the Media Research Center, the 19 point list was drawn up by a group calling themselves the Don't Shoot Coalition. 

On August 9, 2014, Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson was driving his patrol car when he encountered Michael Brown who matched the description of a robber given to him over the police radio. After a struggle between Officer Wilson and Brown, gun shots were fired and Brown was dead. Protests and looting quickly followed the incident. The Grand Jury has been called in to hear the evidence to decide if Wilson acted in accordance to the law.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon told reporters that the "National Guard was part of a multiforce contingency plan by law enforcement authorities to avert violence as the region around St. Louis awaited a grand jury’s return in the death of Michael Brown three months ago. 'The Guard will be available when we determine it is necessary to support local law enforcement.' This according to a November 12, 2014 article by the New York Times that said Governor Nixon law enforcement leaders from the St. Louis area  "must and will be fully prepared.”

The Crew found an image of the list on the Media Research Center site and here are some of the points:
Police will wear only the attire minimally required for their safety. Specialized riot gear will be avoided except as a last resort.

 Crowd control equipment such as armored vehicles, rubber bullets, rifles and tear gas will not be used.

Police and other government authorities will not interfere with the free flow of information through tactics such as limiting cell or internet access, interception of cell or other mobile conversations or unwarranted wiretaps.

Safe houses shall be considered sacred ground and only entered by police when called upon or if extremely necessary.

Ferguson Protesters List of Demands

Posted 11/13/14

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