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Freddie Gray's Criminal Past


The riots and looting in Baltimore, MD of April 2015 sparked by the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody has also resulted in iRumors circulating about Mr. Gray's criminal past. Determination: Real

Freddie Gray ArrestsAccording to an April 22, 2015 article by CNN, the news agency received court documents that showed "more than 20 criminal court cases in Maryland against Gray, and five of those cases were still active at the time of his death."

The article said, "[the] cases involve mostly drug-related charges, but there are charges from March for second-degree assault and destruction of property." Since 2009 Gray had been locked up and released several times over various drug charges.

Gerard Shields, a spokesman for the Maryland Department of Corrections told CNN that February 2009 Gray was sentenced to four years in prison two charges of drug possession with intent to deliver. Records did not disclose the type of drug he had in possession.


Posted 04/29/15

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