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Airwolf Actor Jan Michael Vincent Says He is Lucky to be Alive


Rumors about 1980's heart throb Jan Michael Vincent and former "Airwolf" star was once one of the highest paid actors on TV. Today he lives out his days as a recovering alcoholic who almost died after an infection forced him to have his right leg amputated. Determination: Real

Over the course of several decades, many fans have asked, "what ever happened to actor Jan Michael Vincent?"  According to a November 07, 2014 article by England's Daily Mail, the retired actor who once "earned $200,000 an episode as helicopter pilot Stringfellow Hawke" in the Airwolf TV series has come up on some hard times.

The Daily Mail article said that alcohol and drugs took over the actor when the Airwolf series ended 1986 and "acting roles dried up for Vincent as his demons got the better of him."  Vincent also "suffered his fair share of bad luck including two serious car accidents." The results were three broken vertebrae in the actor's neck and "permanent injury to his vocal cords that left him with a permanently raspy voice."

In 2008, Vincent was in a second car crash and injuries eventually escalated to an infection his leg. Doctors diagnosed the Airwolf actor with peripheral artery disease and told him his only chance for survival would be an amputation of the lower half of his right leg.  Vincent told reporters, ‘An infection in my leg got steadily worse, I felt like I was beaten with a whip.’ To make matters worse, a month after the amputation Vincent developed a second infection, which resulted in doctors having to remove more of his right leg.

The article said that Vincent "admits that he still struggles with alcoholism and won’t discuss how long he has been sober." Health problems are not the only thing he struggles with, as "Vincent is also fighting to keep a roof over his head and he owes $70,000 in back taxes." 

Jan Michael Vincent - Yesterday and today

Jan Michael Vincent - yesterday and today

Posted 11/07/14

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