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Worlds Oldest Gymnast


Viral video of a senior citizen performing gymnastics on parallel bars has been amazing viewers. Determination: Real

According to a September 13, 2012 article by England's Daily Mail, Johanna Quaas is a German gymnast who has been named the world's Oldest Gymnast at the age of 86.

Quaas comes from a family of gymnasts and for a short time studied the sport as a child.  The article said that when she got married and raised a family of her own she gave it up, but "'picked it up again' in her Fifties, performing in her first competition at the age of 56."

Her profile on the website of the Guinness World Records said, "Johanna stills performs cartwheels at the age of 87!"

Johanna Quaas - 86 year old gymnist

The crew found a video of her telling her story and performing on the parallel bars.


Posted 11/14/14

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