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Macaulay Culkin Found Dead at Age 34


Reports of actor Macaulay Culkin dead in New York. Determination: Hoax  

The source for this is a fake website with MSNBC in the Web address (URL) but it is not affiliated with the news network.  The article should not be taken seriously.

The actor is alive and well, playing in a rock band in New York, according to a November 09, 2014 article by US Weekly.

The article said that Culkin heard about the hoax and posed for photo, which he released on the twitter account of his rock band, Pizza Underground.

Macualay Culkin dead at 34

Culkin took several other photos including one which he attached to a tweet saying, "We're on tour you silly people."

Macualay Culkin dead at 34

Posted 11/09/14

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