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Martha Payne's Food Blog "Never Seconds"


Martha PayneThe story about a nine year old girl named Martha Payne, from Lochgilphead, Scotland. She started a blog about school meals that went viral. She decided to changed the world one school dinner at a time with her blog and bring awareness of healthy eating habits to young students. She even helped raise funds for Mary's Meals, a charitable organization that feeds school children in 16 of the poorest countries around the world. One day she was called into the office of her school's headmistress and told she could no longer write about school meals in her blog. Determination: Real

According to a June 15, 2012 article by the U.K.'s BBC, Martha Payne (aka Veg) created the NeverSeconds blog with her father's help and encouragement, which has registered more than three million hits. 

The young blogger was 9 when she published photographs of her Lochgilphead Primary School lunches and drew a lot of attention from the press. The article said that one newspaper headline "led catering staff to fear for their jobs."

That prompted a visit to the office of the school's headmistress where she was told to stop blogging about school lunches.

Veg posted a farewell message in her blog and received 11,000 emails of support. The school later reversed their decision after her friends and supporters backed her on social media. Even TV's chef Jamie Oliver posted a support tweet on his twitter feed: "Stay strong Martha." Oliver's 2.3 million followers re-tweet the message.

So far, Never Seconds has raised over 130,000 for Mary's Meals.   

Martha Payne

Posted 12/10/14

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