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Mike Seidel Caught Relieving Himself on TV News


Did live cameras catch Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel relieving himself when Lester Holt introduced him during his coverage of the storms in North Carolina? Determination: Hoax

That was Meteorologist Mike Seidel in the video but he was not making yellow snow. According to a November 3, 2014 NBC Nightly News report, there was a com system malfunction and Seidel had lost contact with the studio while covering a winter storm in North Carolina. He had taken off his gloves to call the studio to get his cue on his mobile phone when cameras went live to him, just as he had his back to cameraman. Social media posters had a field day with this and the rumor alleging that the broadcaster was relieving himself in the snow went viral on the Web

Saying that Seidel was the victim of some wild misinformation in social media, NBC News presenter Brian Williams cleared up the rumor.

Posted 11/04/14

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