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OKGO Music Video Shot in Zero G Aircraft


Viral music video by the band OKGO "Upside Down & Inside Out" that was filmed in a zero gravity environment suitable for NASA astronauts. Many are speculating that it was done with wires. Determination: Real

OKGO Upside Down and Inside Out

The video was shot in a S7 Russian airliner flying a course of over 15 parabolas, which enabled the production team and artists to have 20 seconds of double gravity, followed by 50 seconds of weightlessness to allow them to film the video in a single take. This according to a Feb 11, 2016 article by Red Bull. 

The article said that the filming flight lasted for 45 minutes, allowing the band members and film crew some practice time. All in all band and crew took 20 flights to work out the details in the project. There were eight attempts until they finally got the video they liked. Ten pilots maneuvered the aircraft on its complicated parabolic course while the band performed their maneuvers inside the passenger compartment with laptops and paint filled balloons.

The flight was without incident other than 58 cases of airsickness. The band members were well medicated with anti-nausea drugs but the 25 to 30 people that made up the film crew suffered from the affect of zero G and many lost their lunches.

The music video was found on YouTube:


Posted 02/13/16

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