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U.S. Airways Refused Closet Space for Army Ranger's Jacket


Reports on Facebook and other social media about a U.S. Airways incident with a member of the military. When a decorated U.S. Army Ranger requested a space to hang his uniform jacket on a U.S. Airways jet the flight crew refused him because that space was reserved for first class passengers. Even though passengers in the first class section offered him their space in the closet or to even change seats with the Ranger, the air staff still refused. Determination: Real

First Sgt. Albert Marle was travelling from Portland, Ore. to Charlotte on US Airways Flight 1930 when he made what seems like a simple request of a flight attendant, to hang up his jacket in a closet to prevent it from wrinkling.  According to an October 11, 2014 article that said, Marle was denied closet space because the flight attendant told him, "the closet was for first-class passengers only. "  The story went viral via news websites and launched an frenzy of protests on the Internet. 

Fox reported that US Airways apologized on Friday for the incident and said "We have a long and proud history of serving our military members and hold the men and women who serve our country in the highest regard." 

Posted 11/14/14

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