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SAS Marksman Stops ISIS Execution


This is an account of an SAS Marksman who killed an Isis executioner moments before he was going to cut off the heads of a father and son in Syria. Determination: Real

SAS Sniper Stops Isis Execution

This was a real account according to an August 10, 2015 article by the Daily Star Sunday.  Several news agencies also released reports about the dramatic operation which took place during July 2015 near the Syrian border with Turkey where a father and son were rescued from the hands of Islamic terrorists. Because they had refused to denounce their faith, ISIS militants decreed that the father and son were "infidels" and were about to carry out the sentence of death. 

The Daily Star said said, "He killed the would-be executioner from a range of 1,000m with a head shot before taking out three other members of ISIS in Syria."  The unnamed sniper was able to perform his mission moments before an 8-year-old boy and his father were about to be executed for "refusing to denounce their faith."

"Special forces troops who arrived at the killing site, where ISIS was carrying out a series of rigged 'trials' of locals, discovered a gruesome scene with several headless bodies already lying bloodied on the desert floor." This according to an August 11, 2015 article by the The Daily and Sunday Express in the UK. A top special forces marksman took aim and not only killed the lead executioner but also "two other members of the hated terror group, who were also taking part in the sick planned execution." 

The Special Air Service (SAS) is a British Army unit that was founded in 1941.

The iRumorMill has contacted the SAS and will post an official statement upon their response.

Posted 08/17/15 - Updated 08/19/15

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