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Stockton Gym Teacher Dragged Girl Into Pool


Reports of a Stockton gym teacher in hot water after he allegedly dragged a 14-year-old female student across the floor and into the school pool because she refused to swim. The reason she gave the teacher was because her hair was just done. Determination: Real

According to an ABC News affiliate in Stockton, CA, Denny Peterson, an employee of the Stockton Unified School District, was captured last August on a student's mobile video device. The video showed Peterson using strong force to a drag freshman, Sandra Garcia, toward the pool at Edison High School.

News 10 ABC reported "Peterson was put on paid leave for a month immediately following the incident, but was then brought back and assigned to another Stockton campus." Peterson now faces "a misdemeanor charge of corporal injury to a child," and was placed back on leave by the school district. 

Denny Peterson dragging Stocton High School student


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Posted 11/23/14

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