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New Jersey Bans Halloween Trick-Or-Treating Over Ebola Fears


Allegations that trick-or-treating in the state of New Jersey has cancelled this year by Governor Chris Christie because of fears of the Ebola virus. Determination: Hoax

The source of this iRumor is the satire website The Daily Currant. Nothing this site publishes should be taken seriously. According to their About page, they say that everything they write is "purely fictional."

Other headlines found posted on the story page were, "Jenny McCarthy: 'Lemon Juice Cures Ebola,'" "Obama Unveils New American Flag," "Justin Bieber Rushed to Hospital Following First Erection," "Justin Bieber Hospitalized With Ebola," and "7-Year-Old Girl Strip-Searched At Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport."

Daily Currant spoofs

Posted 10/28/14

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