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William Shatner Steals Space Shuttle Enterprise to Search for Leonard Nimoy


Viral article alleging that an arrest warrant has been issued for the apprehension of William Shatner, best known for his roll as Captain Kirk from the Star Trek television and film series, after it has been reported that he stole the space shuttle Enterprise in search for his friend, Leonard Nimoy. Determination: Satire

William Shatner Steals Enterprise Space Shuttle

The article is satire and came from a humorous website at:

Leonard Nimoy, age 83, died on February 27, 2015 at his Los Angeles home from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The actor was best known for his portrayal of Star Trek's half Human and half Vulcan science officer, Mr. Spock.

Contrary to the character of Mr. Spock, Nimoy loved humor and had a hearty laugh, according to his friend, Shatner.

This article, based on the plot of the third Star Trek movie "Search for Spock," was most likely an homage to the late actor. 


Posted 03/03/15

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