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Prince Charles to Divorce Camilla Parker-Bowles After Affair with Barbara Streisand


Is there a divorce for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles in the near future after reports of an affair with entertainer Barbara Streisand? Determination: Unconfirmed Gossip

The source of this rumor comes from an Epoch Times article, which was about a tabloid article in The Globe about a alleged affair between Prince Charles and Barbara Streisand.

News that Prince Charles had an affair with Barbara Streisand hit the wires in a March 28, 2006 article by England's Daily Mail, but it is not confirmed that Charles and Camilla are divorcing. The Daily Mail said that the affair took place late in the two year separation between Lady Diana and Prince Charles, when he was involved with Camilla Parker Bowles. The source for the rumored relationship may not be authentic because the Daily Mail received the information from an unauthorized "tell all" biography of Streisand called, "The Way She Is." 


Prince Charles Divorce Rumor

Posted 10/14/14

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