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EZ Pass Violation


An email that says "You have not paid for driving on a toll road. This invoice is sent repeatedly,  please service your debt in the shortest possible time." It provides a link to download the invoice. Determination: Scam

This is a phishing scam to trick readers out of surrendering personal information according to an August 12, 2014 article by

Phishing can be conducted by email, land mail or telephone to convince victims into handing over identification numbers, personal information, credit card numbers, or bank account numbers. said, "The phishing email looks similar to legitimate ones sent by E-Z Pass. You can see an example of one on the E-Z Pass page."

There is also a risk of infecting your computers or mobile devices with malware, the article warned, and added those responding "with the requested credit card or bank account information are setting themselves up for identity theft."

The scammers are banking on a surprise tactic that attacks the readers emotions so that the will react quickly and pay the toll before it becomes a higher fine. Sometimes drivers will get caught by cameras entering a lane or onramp that is designated for EZ Pass drivers. If unpaid the toll violation appears on the renewal notice of the vehicle as a fine.

The article said, 24 million cars in 15 different states subscribe to E-Z Pass and have transponders in their automobiles that allows them to go through tolls without having to stop at a toll booth. The process is easy, Daily Finance reported, "You pay in advance, usually with a credit card, and every time you drive through a toll booth, E-Z Pass draws down from your account. "

EZ-Pass Scam

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