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Bash Bug Gives Hackers Access to Computers via Web Servers
Known Alias: 'Shellshock' Bash Bug


A warning about a new security bug called Bash Bug that is worse than Heartbleed."  The warning said that nearly two thirds of all Web servers are vulnerable and this could affect hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of websites. It also said that hackers could even open and close the CD drives on computers from their remote stations. Determination: Real Threat

The complete name of this malware is 'Shellshock' Bash Bug and the threat is real according to a September 26, 2014, article by NBC News. The article said that the tech companies have been "scrambling to issue updates for products affected by the so-called "Shellshock" bug."

According to a September 25, 2014, article by, "Bash is a piece of software that controls the command prompt in Linux and Mac OS X.  The article said that Apple has not released and official patch to address the bug and offered a resource for users of OS X-based systems to scan there Macs: Click here for scanning instructions

Computer experts who sent out these warnings are suggesting that computer users avoid infection by refraining from websites that are not updated often and never download files from non-secure locations until the threat is resolved.

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