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CryptoLocker Virus


CryptoLocker is a virus that travels in an attachment in forwarded emails. If the file is opened it may lock up the computer. The only way to unlock it is to pay a ransom to cyber criminals. Determination: Real

CryptoLocker is a real malware that holds computer files for ransom, according to a August 6, 2014 article by BBC News.

The BBC reported, "The malicious program encrypted files on Windows computers and demanded a substantial fee before handing over the key to the scrambled files."  A ransom of $400(U.S.) was demanded by the Internet thieves and even accepted payment via virtual Bitcoin currency. Victims were given 72 hours to pay the ransom and to increase their anxiety they were threatened with the destruction of the keys that would restore the infected computer to normal operation.

Fortunately for computer users, the BBC provided a link for a way around the problem:
Click here for BBC Solution.

Cryptolocker ransomeware

Posted 11/13/14 Updated 06/12/17

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