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Call Customer or Technical Support and Ask for an American


A warning circulating the Web that suggest that customers who call for technical support always ask for an American to promote more jobs in the U.S. and avoid dealing with people who may not fully understand the English language. Determination: Good advice

Many companies in the U.S. have resorted to less expensive technical and customer service agents who are not in the country.  Although we have found no evidence of this being an official or organized effort, considers "Asking for an American" to be a good tip and business practice for American consumers.

Some companies who use off shore customer service reps may route customers phone numbers to technical support and customer service reps in the U.S. if a customer requests it.

A member of the iRumorMill crew had such an experience with Dish Network at the time of this investigation. When he called the customer service number he first talked to an off shore agent. He then requested a customer service agent in the U.S. and was quickly routed to a call center in Arizona. The service rep in Arizona informed our crew member that his phone number was now routed to on shore service centers to ensure all his future needs are met in the U.S. 



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