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Ebola Scare Shuts Down the Pentagon


An Ebola scare on October 17, 2014 led to a decision by the police to shut down the Pentagon entrance after a woman who said she had recently visited West Africa got sick. Determination: Real

The iRumor Mill learned today from news alert by Fox News that there was an incident at the Pentagon on October 17, 2014 that resulted in an Ebola scare and shut down after a woman got sick.

Fox said that police shut down the Pentagon entrance and a section of the facility's parking lot after a woman who got sick and threw up on a bus. She claimed to have recently returned from a trip to West Africa.

Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Tom Crosson told reporters “The woman, who currently is being quarantined at a Virginia hospital, told officers she had been in Liberia two weeks ago.”

Crosson said that some officers at the police officers at the Pentagon “did have 'contact' with her before the hazmat teams arrived and before she was taken to the Inova Fairfax Hospital Emergency Department for evaluation.”

The hospital issued a statement that said the patient is being evaluated.

Ebola Scare at Pentagon

Posted 10/17/14

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