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Kansas City Medical Center is Suspected of Treating Man with Ebola

Viral rumors that man suspected suffering from the symptoms of the Ebola virus has been admitted to a hospital in Kansas City. Determination: Hoax

"Rumors of Ebola turned out to be far more contagious than the virus itself," according to an October 06, 2014 article by the Kansas City Star. A spokesperson for the Research Medical Center  in Kansas City, MO, told reporters, "We have seen online reports that a patient at Research Medical Center is suspected of having Ebola. These reports are inaccurate. Research Medical Center is caring for a patient who presented to our Brookside Campus emergency department, however, the patient does not have the symptom profile of Ebola."

The article said that the story went viral in social media and on the Web after national outlets, such, picked up the rumor.

The iRumor Mill crew also found similar story posted on the website of Alex Jone's Infowars site that said that authorities took no chances and sealed of an apartment building when a man suffering from an unknown illness was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Kansas Medical Center Ebola

Posted 10/07/14


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