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10 Isis Fighters Arrested Crossing Southern U.S. Border  


U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) warned that Border Patrol agents reported the apprehension of ten ISIS fighters while trying to cross into the U.S. at the southern border from Mexico. There could be more ISIS terrorists in the country already. Determination:  Officially Denied

According to a October 8, 2014 report by Fox News, Congressman Duncan Hunter appeared on the news network and told Greta Van Susteren, "ISIS is coming across the southern border." Citing a confidential source from border patrol, Hunter said,“They caught them at the border, therefore we know that ISIS is coming across the border.” The Congressional Representative raised additional concerns that if a small number, like five or ten, were caught it is a good indication that there could  be "dozens more that did not get caught by the border patrol.”

Shortly afterwards, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued this statement: "The suggestion that individuals who have ties to ISIL have been apprehended at the Southwest border is categorically false, and not supported by any credible intelligence or the facts on the ground.  DHS continues to have no credible intelligence to suggest terrorist organizations are actively plotting to cross the southwest border."

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson told reporters that 4 men were apprehended at the border while attempting to enter the country, but investigators determined that they were not affiliated with any terrorist organization. The men were actually allies from Turkey but nevertheless arrested and charged for attempting to enter the country without permission.

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