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NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 6 Days of Total Darkness in December 2014!


Allegations that NASA has confirmed that the Earth will experience 6 days of almost complete darkness and will happen from the dates Tuesday the 16 Monday the 22 in December. Determination: Hoax

The found an article, which we believe to be the source of this predicted event, on the satire website of  This article that claims a solar storm will "cause dust and space debris to become plentiful and thus, block 90% sunlight,"should not be taken seriously.

A solar storm has no wind, therefore the prediction of dust and debris is a myth. 

Solar storms can cause other sorts of problems for people on Earth, according to a March 13, 2009 release by NASA. On March 13, 1989, there was a powerful solar storm which caused the entire province of Quebec, Canada to suffer an electrical power blackout. The American space agency said, "Hundreds of blackouts occur in some part of North America every year. The Quebec Blackout was different, because this one was caused by a solar storm!"

NASA Dark Days

Posted 10/27/14

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