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Real Guns Being Converted from Toy Guns


This is a warning circulating the Internet alleging that police confiscated a "Toy" water gun during an arrest, after they realized that the suspect has hidden a Mossberg 12GA shotgun inside it. Determination: Real

Toy Gun ConversionThere was an incident in Fresno, California where police found a shotgun hidden inside a toy water cannon. This according to a May 21, 2012 article by KMPH, a Fox News affiliate servicing the San Joaquin Valley.

The article said, Fresno Police noticed Randy Smith walking with a "Super Soaker" water gun slung from his neck. The officers had  just been briefed about shotguns being converted out of such toys so they so they stopped Smith and discovered a real shotgun shell in the weapon's chamber. A Fresno PD spokesperson said that Smith was able to make what they call a "zip gun" with about $30 worth of parts.


Posted 01/12/14

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