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Former King Edward VIII a Nazi


Viral allegations that the Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII, had ties and colluded with Adolf Hitler. Determination: Investigating

Duke of Windsor and Hilter

According to a Feb 28, 2015 article by the U.K.'s Daily Mail, there was a find of the "Windsor File," a dossier of "incriminating correspondence relating to the former King of England, Edward VIII, his wife Ė the divorced American Wallis Simpson, whom he married in 1937 Ė and their links to dictator Adolf Hitler."

The article said "'documents mení, Allied soldiers charged with finding the secrets of Hitlerís Third Reich" discovered "a battered metal canister covered in a tatty plastic raincoat and hidden in a remote German estate, where it had been hastily buried in the dying days of the Nazi regime." In it, contained a "unique microfilm that revealed the innermost workings of the Nazi regime."

After the war, the article said former Prime Minister "Winston Churchill, post-war Prime Minister Clement Attlee, American President Eisenhower and others in the political elite attempted to destroy or cover up the damning Windsor dossier."

The article said transcripts of the find reveal that the Duke was critical of Prime Minister Churchill and believed "the continued heavy bombing of British cities, he believed, would bring the United Kingdom to the negotiating table."

Video was released by Britain's The Sun of a very young Princess Elizabeth being taught how to do the Nazi salute by her uncle, the Duke of Windsor.

In his book, 17 Carnation - The Royals, The Nazis and the Biggest Cover Up in History, Andrew Morton details the life of the Duke of Windsor, before, during and after the war as well as the discovery of the "Windsor File."


We spoke to a fellow journalist, living in the UK, who told me that many in Britain consider this to be an urban myth.


The crew is investigating this and will post findings on this page as they develop.




Posted 07/18/17

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