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The investigates and reports on conspiracy theories, rumors, paranormal investigation, scams, warnings and computer virus attacks that are circulating on the Internet.

The is a non-partisan site and we will report the facts based on first hand accounts, interviews with parties involved, and researched information from reliable news sources. We had mobile devices in mind when we designed the site for fast answers for iPhone, Smartphone and Tablet users.

For findings that require additional details we will be putting up audio podcasts for our guests to enjoy.  The audio podcasts will be linked on our media page. We will also have a channel on YouTube.

It is our goal not only to inform but educate our visitors, especially when it comes to protecting systems from malware, Trojans and computer viruses. We also want to provide our guests with valuable resources that they can use, especially when it comes to protecting computers from virus attacks.

Tony Ashlin at RMS Queen Mary

The webmaster and chief investigator of the is Tony Ashlin, who has been investigating Internet rumors and conspiracies for over a decade.

For the past 25 years Ashlin worked at several radio stations throughout Southern California as an announcer and radio talk show producer. Prior to that, he serviced major corporations in the entertainment industry with business computers. He married his soul mate, Jeannette, in 2006 and they live in Long Beach with two dogs Rosie and Trip. 

In his spare time, Ashlin enjoys sailing and for 9 years served as a Public Affairs Officer and elected leader with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. He received his training in journalism while on the job and in the USCG Auxiliary.  From 2014 to 2018 he lectured at the RMS Queen Mary's floating museum on history, urban legends and paranormal activity. In his spare time he enjoys hunting ghosts.

Ashlin also holds an Amateur Extra FCC License with the FCC and enjoys making contact all over the world with other Hams. He also manages and runs a Ham Radio website and blog called The Ham Coach at



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