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Paranormal Investigation

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Queen Mary - Long Beach

Paranormal Activity on the R.M.S. Queen Mary 

The Royal Mail Steamship (R.M.S.) Queen Mary is an ocean liner that was originally owned and operated by Cunard, which was retired in 1967 and sold to the City of Long Beach. When the ship opened her doors to the public in 1971 guests and staff began to report paranormal incidents, such as apparitions, objects moving, doors opening and disembodied voices. 


Pasadena's Suicide Bridge

Ghosts of Suicide Bridge in Pasadena

The Colorado Street Bridge spanning the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena was built in 1912. Since the early 20th Century people have been leaping from it to their deaths, which earned it's nickname, "Suicide Bridge." The bridge and its surrounding area are believed to harvest paranormal activity in the forms of disembodied voices and apparitions.


Ebola Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship Filled With Ebola-Ridden Rats Heading For Florida  

This is a warning that a ship filled with Ebola-infected rats is drifting towards Florida.





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Paranormal Activity on the R.M.S. Queen Mary  

Ghosts of Suicide Bridge in Pasadena

Ghost Ship Filled With Ebola-Ridden Rats Heading For Florida


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