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George Orwell's Final Warning


Special Report: BBC interview of George Orwell offering a final warning has gone viral on the World Wide Web. Determination: You Decide

George Orwell Final Warning

Was George Orwell a time traveler or a prophet?

In 1949, Orwell wrote a dystopian novel about a world where Big Brother was always watching, the thought police would keep law and order and all evidence of non conformists would be erased, or "vaporized."

Seventy years later the world is locked down during the Covid-19 quarantine, there is racial strife in the United States, domestic terrorists are looting and torching communities and the cancel culture is tearing down monuments, erasing history and labeling anyone who stands against them a racist.

Shortly before he died in 1950, George Orwell was interviewed by the U.K.'s BBC. During the interview he warned the world of things to come.

Orwell's book, "1984," is required reading in most schools around the world. The 70 year old novel recently made the best seller list and there are audio book recordings available on YouTube.

The has posted the video of Orwell's Final Warning here:



Posted 08/26/2020

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