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Shadow Gate


A viral video banned on social media that alleges a shadow government conspiring to orchestrate a coup against President Donald Trump. Determination: Open Investigation

Shadow Gate

At this time, the purpose of this report is not to credit or discredit the information provided in the video. The has opened an investigation on some of the allegations and we will post findings here as they develop.

The Shadow Gate video was released in August 2020 and produced by Infowars reporter Millie Weaver. Shortly after its released YouTube and various social media platforms had the video was quickly pulled for the reason that it spread misinformation. Today the video can be found on the Millennial Millie Website.

The video alleges that high members of the intelligence community are running a covert operation to overthrow the the Trump administration. The video interviews government contractors who claimed the Hillary Clinton email scandal, the Russia Probe and the U.S.A response to the Corona Virus was orchestrated by a Shadow Government who has influence over elected officials and media. Teams of contract workers were allegedly sent into government offices to "back up" hard drives but covertly hacked the computers.



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Posted 08/25/2020

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