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Freddie Gray Had Pre-Existing Injuries Prior to Arrest



Reports that Freddie Gray had  a pre-existing spinal and neck  injury and had severe nerve damage and scar tissue from an accident that Allstate Insurance was paying him for, in  a structured settlement. Determination: Hoax

According to an April 30, 2015 article by the Washington Post, "Freddie Gray did not have a preexisting spinal injury."

Jason Downs, an attorney representing one of Gray’s relatives, told reporters  “We have no information or evidence at this point to indicate that there is a prior preexisting spinal injury.” Downs added, “It’s a rumor.”

Gray allegedly died after an April 12, 2015 arrest where he was restrained in flexi-cuffs and leg shackles and placed inside a Baltimore Police Department wagon. Contrary to Baltimore Police policy, he was not seat belted in a seat but placed face down on the van floor. Reports to the press from Baltimore Police said that during the ride Gray was allegedly "'banging against the walls' of the van," as an attempt to intentionally injure himself. This according to a time line posted by NPR.

In a related rumor, the crew reported on the criminal past of Freddie Gray.  Click here for findings.

Posted 05/06/15

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