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School Lunch Lady Gives Poor Students Free Lunch and Gets Fired


Facebook postings alleging Della Curry, a school kitchen manager in Aurora, Colorado, was fired for giving a free meal to a first-grader who was crying because she forgot her lunch money. The posting encourages readers to share on their timelines to help Della get her job back. Determination: Real

School Fires Manager over free lunch

The incident occurred, according to June 2, 2015 article by Huffington Post. The article said, "Della Curry managed the kitchen at Dakota Valley Elementary School near Aurora" and was terminated over a policy violation "when she gave lunches to children who didn't qualify for free or reduced meals."

The Cherry Creek School district posted a notice on its website saying that it is "committed to ensuring that children do not go hungry while at school."  Curry argued "[some] of the kids who don't qualify for free or reduced lunches still don't have money to eat, and that's a problem.


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Posted 06/03/15

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