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Ghosts of Suicide Bridge in Pasadena


Pasadena's Suicide Bridge

The Colorado Street Bridge spanning the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena was built in 1912. Since the early 20th Century people have been leaping to their deaths from it, which earned the nickname, "Suicide Bridge." The bridge and its surrounding area is believed to harvest paranormal activity in the forms of disembodied voices and apparitions. Determination: Under Investigation

The is currently looking into the allegations of spirit encounters on and around the Colorado Street Bridge.

The bridge has been the center of urban legends and ghost stories for over a century, this according to the website Weird California, which said during the bridge's construction one worker fell to his death and landed it wet cement. He has been entombed there ever since the day of the tragic accident. The Weird California site also reported several sighting including a vanishing woman and a man wearing wire rimmed glasses.

While conducting a paranormal video investigation at the Colorado Street Bridge sometime in February 2019, Ghost Detectives Michael Ellis and Jose Lopez caught a disembodied cry or scream behind them. The team tools used in this investigation were a Ghost Speaker Box (a digital audio recorder/radio frequency scanner used for gathering EVP's or Electronic Voice Phenomena), and electro magnetic frequency meter (EMF).

During the session Michael and Jose were able to get confirmation of spirits around them, including one who identified himself as Paul. Another female disembodied voice identified herself as Stephanie. Jose heard footsteps behind him and both Ghost Detectives felt some sort of paranormal presence surrounding them.

The video was posted on youtube:



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Posted 03/06/19

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