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Hillary Clinton Wore A Earpiece/Anti-Coughing Device for Debate 


Conspiracy Theorists are concerned that Hillary Clinton wore a special "hidden" device to prevent her from coughing and to allow her to listen to coaching off from her staffers during her debate with Donald Trump. Determination: Under Investigation 

Hillary Debate Device

The iRumorMill is looking into allegation that Hillary Clinton may have had some technical assistance during her debate with Donald Trump after they went viral on the Web.

"Images have emerged following Monday night’s 2016 presidential debate between Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton and GOP nominee Donald Trump that are fueling widespread speculation online that Clinton may have been wired for the event." tjos according to a Sept. 27, 2016 article by World Net Daily (WND), which said, "some say she may have been wearing a battery pack, an earpiece, a microphone and a wire."

Hillary Earpiece

A Reuters photo taken during the debate of Clinton showed that she may have had a similar device in her ear which she was alleged to have used during the Sept. 7th. Commander in Chief Forum. This according to a Sept. 27 article by Charisma News, which asked "Was she getting instructions from her campaign team while she was engaged in the debate?"

Charisma News speculated on what may have been in her ear? There were three possibilities:
    A hearing aid—loss of hearing or dulled hearing is not uncommon for people of Clinton's age, particularly for those who have suffered a traumatic head injury, like a concussion. Many different companies market hearing aids that are meant to be concealed.

    An inductive earpiece—stage actors often use these to help with cues and missed lines during performances. They are meant to be concealed, and with Bluetooth technology, those speaking to Clinton through it wouldn't even have to be in the same city.

    An anti-seizure device—sound can trigger certain forms of seizures. A German-engineered device called the Epitect fits inside the ear and can detect and warn of an impending seizure, but more closely resembles a more traditional hearing aid with a component that hangs behind the ear.


The Crew is looking into this and will be posting findings on this page as they develop.



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Posted 09/27/16

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