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Military Dogs Left Behind in Afghanistan


Viral posts alleging that not only did the Biden Administration abandon Americans and Afghan allies in Afghanistan but a large number of working canines were left behind during the U.S. troop withdrawal. Determination: Real

Military Dogs Left Behind

Service dogs that were contracted by the U.S. military were left behind, according to an August 31, 2021 article by Fox News.

The article said a non-profit group, Veteran Sheepdogs of America (VSA), were given the "responsibility of getting them out of Kabul."  A photograph that was published on Twitter photo last weekend showing around a dozen dog crates in front of a military helicopter. Joshua Hosler, the president of VSA, said this "was just a fraction of the canines left behind in the U.S. troop withdrawal."

VSA is hoping to raise $1.67 Million to finance a Boeing 737 to get the service dogs out of Kabul and put a Paypal donation link on its Twitter feed: Donate here 

Posted 08/31/2021   Updated 09/02/2021


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