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Big Tech Suppressing Freedom of Speech


Viral allegations that Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Google and other "Big Tech" companies are suppressing freedom of speech by banning conservatives from their platforms. Determination: Real

Big Brother


The Thought Police have landed in the U.S.A.

Twitter has banned President Donald Trump from using the platform to communicate to his supporters after a small group stormed the Capital Building in Washington D.C.  This according to Jan. 8, 2021 article by the Washington Post which said, "The move amounted to a historic rebuke for a president who had used the social-networking site to fuel his rise to political prominence."

The President and other conservative voices have now been communicating via Parler, which both Apple and Google have removed from their platforms, making it difficult for followers to install or update the application. According to a Jan. 9, 2021 article by BBC, "Google said the app had failed to remove posts inciting violence." BBC went on to say, "Apple has also warned Parler it will remove the app from its App Store if it does not comply with its content-moderation requirements."

The iRumorMill crew checked Google Play and Parler has been removed as of Jan. 8.

Dan Bongino is a conservative voice who depends on Parler to get the message out, he is also an investors of platform and spoke to Fox News Sean Hannity about the censorship.



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Posted 01/09/2021

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