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America's Frontline Doctors Speak Out Against the use of Masks


Viral video of a group of doctors who gathered in Washington to speak out against the use of masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19. They claim that media has lied to the American public. Determination: Real

White Coat Summit II

"White Coat Summit II was a major success," wrote Dr. Simone Gold on her Twitter feed, thanking all the doctors who attended the second gathering in Washington, on the weekend of Oct. 17, 2020. The mission of the summit was to educate Americans on the treatment of Covid-19.

Dr. Gold finished her tweet with, "We will always fight for the truth, and for the science."

According to the America's Frontline Doctors website, they "exist to counter the massive disinformation campaign regarding the pandemic. We are diverse, exceedingly well-credentialed physicians, with extensive front line experience treating both COVID-19 and the risky health effects due to the lockdowns."

The White Coat Summit II video is controversial because the doctors warn against the use of masks to prevent the spread of Corornavirus and promote the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat the disease. 

The Crew found the video on YouTube, made a copy and placed it on our server in case it gets censored:


Update 10/20/2020:  YouTube removed the video for "violating Youtube's terms of service."


Update 03/25/2021: Last year, we uploaded the audio of this video in podcast format on YouTube. On March 22, 2021 it was removed it from public's access. YouTube gave the account one strike.

YouTube Censor




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Posted 10/18/2020  Update 03/26/2021

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